Friday, 27 September 2013

Two Marathons in One Week!

And so I'm out of the running for a London Marathon place again! I found out yesterday and was pretty sad so I automatically began looking for some other running goal to cheer myself up.
I am already signed up for Rome on 23rd March 2014 so started considering running Madrid marathon again as that's in April. Then I realised that if I also run Copenhagen in May I would have run 3 marathons in 3 months which will mean I can become a Marathon Maniac!

There were two problems with this idea though; 1: I've already run Madrid and, even though I loved it, I'd like to run somewhere else, 2: I've run Copenhagen marathon twice now and really I'm not that interested in running it again! I only did it the second time because I got a free race number.

So I started thinking about what other marathons I wanted to run. While I'm doing this my older son is watching TV and sees a Barcelona football advert. He shouts 'Barcelona' at the TV and I type Barcelona marathon into google.
I can see it's on 16th March 2014, only one week before Rome. I really like the idea of running two marathons one after the other. But it's not just two marathons, it's two that have been on my bucketlist for a REALLY long time. My husband says it's fine for me to be away for two weekends in a row and I'll just travel out on the Saturdays and back on the Mondays.

So I sign up for Barcelona marathon 2014!!!

I am very excited about this challenge and know that I have to prepare and train properly this time. My plan is to train for a 4:30 Barcelona marathon and then run it in 5 hours. This way I won't be working myself to the limit and should have a nice easy time in Barcelona. My plan for Rome is and always has been to treat it like a tourist run around the city with my camera so I don't care if this takes me 6 hours to finish :-)

Because I will be running two marathons so close together I can still join the Marathon Maniacs!!

What have I got myself into this time :-)


  1. At first it sounds a bit crazy, but I see that you have it all under control.
    I couldnt do it, because I dont know how to control myself :( When I go to a race, I always push until my limit. But If you can hadle it, that is a perfect plan.

    By the way, you'll love the Barcelona marathon, it's so beautiful :)

    1. I'm looking forward to people asking me what time I want to finish Barcelona in as the answer will be 'my slowest time yet'! Very weird but I think if I want to do two marathons so close together I really have to take Barcelona easy so I'm not too worn out for Rome.
      I love visiting Barcelona and am REALLY looking forward to the marathon there :-)