Friday, 30 August 2013

Edinburgh Sightseeing with Adidas Boost

Adidas Boost Edinburgh Sightseeing!

With their well deserved medal!
This is a post that I have copied over from my other blog. I visited Edinburgh in April 2013 and loved it!

Over this weekend my Adistar Boosts packed their suitcase and went on a little trip to Edinburgh to run the Rock 'n' Roll Edinburgh half marathon and also do some sightseeing :-)

At the top of Arthurs Seat

On Edinburgh Castles Wall

At Dean Village

At Calton Hill

Ready to run!
They are great to wear walking around and they certainly did a lot of walking!


  1. I am so glad to see these pictures! So you climbed both Arthur's Seat and Calton Hill? Wow, you didn't waste any time ;) I wish I was there with you. I also finished this race in 02:07 last year. I couldn't have ran any faster. It was 1 degree Celsius and I couldn't move. I was sweating ice cubes. It never gets this cold in San Diego. 


    1. My next trip to Edinburgh is already planned and paid for! And I think I'm going back to do this run again next year :-)
  2. Hey get out of ARTHUR'S SEAT!

    I look forward to the RR! 8)



    1. He said I could sit there!

      RR done :-)

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Copenhagen SightRunning with Adidas Boost

Adidas Boost Copenhagen Sightseeing

I tested my new Adistar Boost trainers out on a hill run and was liking them a lot! The energy does indeed seem to be returned back to you as you bounce down the road :-) The trainers 'hug' the feet so they feel all nice and snug. There is no pinching or foot suffocation though. My toes don't feel tight and actually feel very comfortable.

I decided to dress up in the whole Adidas Boost gear with a t-shirt, jacket, running tights, and, of course, the trainers, and then take a 10k run around the city centre! 

For the first 6k I didn't notice so much difference between my Adistar Boosts and my Brooks trainers just the bouncing like before but after this distance my legs seemed to have a life of their own! I have never experienced anything like it before and it's very hard to describe the feeling. The best I can come up with is a 'runners high for legs'. This is something that has to be tried to be believed!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

PortAventura Park Salou

My Trip advisor review for PortAventura Park:-

“Great Theme Park with some Fantastic Rides and Shows”
4 of 5 starsReviewed 18 July 2011
We went to Port Aventura with our sons. One is 8 and the other is 3. Both the boys and us had a great time! The queues weren't too long. The food was ok priced and the shows were very good!
A couple of things that weren't so great was some grumpy people that worked there. One woman in particular at the entrance was terrible. Also you are not allowed to bring in your own food. Lucky for us my husband went in a different entrance and didn't have his bag checked. I heard some Spanish people saying the food was for their baby so this may be a way around it if you have a young child with you. Otherwise hide your food well away ;-)

Port Aventura is a large theme park just outside Salou laid out in five themed areas.The park offers more than 30 attractions, 100 daily live shows, 75 snackbars and restaurants, 28 stores with exclusive products and 10 game areas for the whole family. You really need to plan your way around to fit in all it has to offer.

Upon entering, the sight that greets your eyes is a vision straight from a fairy-tale: a huge river, bordered by rocks and thick, luxuriant vegetation which frames the whole Park, which then evolves into different themes the further you delve in to the park. There are Mediterranean, Polynesian, Chinese and Mexican themes all the way to the Wild West.

The fun rides worth trying are, the ‘Sacred Serpent’ ride in the Mexico area, the ‘Kontiki Wave’ (a pirate ship), a mini roller-coaster called the ‘Tomahawk’ in the Far East area and the ‘Buffalo Rodeo Dodgem’ cars among others. Then there's the Dragon Khan but don't forget to try Stampida, Sea Odyssey and Templo del Fuego either. You might want to try the water rides as well, they're quite wet!

Enjoy a fun-filled day with endless attractions, special effects and entertainment shows on this trip to PortAventura in Spain.

You just have to love this park!

Getting there
By plane: Port Aventura is just an hour from Barcelona airport and 15 minutes from Reus airport.
By car: From Barcelona, one hour by the AP7 Freeway (La Jonquera-Valencia). Take the direct exit to the park (exit 35). Alternatively, you can take highway N-340 (Barcelona-Valencia), N-420 (Tarragona-Teruel) and N-240 (Tarragona-Lleida).
By train: Port Aventura has its own station.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cafe Sant Jaume and Agua de Valencia

Agua de Valencia

Agua de Valencia

As the name suggests Agua de Valencia comes from the Valencia region. Apparently the history of the drink can be traced back to Café Madrid in Valencia in the late 1950s. It seems that a group of Basques who frequented the bar used to order “Agua de Bilbao”. The owner, Constante Gil, suggested one evening that they try his home made cocktail, “Agua de Valencia”, which he made up for them. Today it is a very popular drink on the Valencia bar circuit.


- ½ liter of freshly squeezed orange juice, you can squeeze directly from freshly picked Valencian oranges.
- ½ liter of Cava, that adds an elegant touch.
- 6 cl. of Gin
- 6 cl. of Vodka
- 1 or 2 oranges for garnish
- White sugar


Firstly, pour into a large pitcher the orange juice, gin, vodka and two big tablespoons of sugar (you can add more sugar if you want it sweeter), and stir well with a wooden spoon until sugar dissolves.
Then, add the cava and stir it again carefully to keep the cava bubbles. Add lots of ice and finally decorate as desired with oranges, sliced ​​either in the glass or in segments within the pitcher. 
Sant Jaume - My favourite Valencian Bar
Café Sant Jaume
If you happen to visit Valencia then a great little bar to drink your Agua de Valencia in is Café Sant Jaume. Café Sant Jaume is one of the more charming cafés in all of Valencia!

This bar has a perfect atmosphere for sitting and talking to friends. Even though the inside is quite small this is more than made up for by the outdoor seating area. And who really wants to sit inside on a beautiful evening in Valencia?
Calle de Caballeros, 51,
46001 Valencia, Spain
+34 963 91 24 01

Monday, 26 August 2013

Why Edinburgh is my Favourite City!

My first visit to Edinburgh was in April 2013 and my first thought was 'why did I leave it so long to visit this beautiful city?' Edinburgh is me! I love a historical city but one where the Scottish treat you as long lost friend wins my heart forever! I love all the Closes and Wynds in the Old Town and love the Georgian houses and shops in the New Town. I love climbing Arthurs Seat and Calton Hill. The views over the city from these hills are amazing.

You can see where I have already visited by the photos below but I have many more places in Edinburgh to see. Therefore I am returning to Edinburgh very soon :-)

Candlemaker Row
A great place to stay

My local bar

The kitchen window of my holiday apartment