Saturday, 24 August 2013

Why I Love Valencia!

Valencia! While Madrid is my favourite Spanish city, Valencia is the one that I never seem to be quite finished with. I've been there twice and have a growing need to travel there again as soon as possible :-)

Maybe it's a mixture of the old in the centre and the new at the Science and Arts area? Maybe it's because I've run (twice) on the Formula One race track? Maybe it's just because of my favourite little bar in the maze of the city that serves Agua de Valencia (Valencias water)? Or is it the paella? Whatever it is this city will be one that I return to again and again throughout the rest of my life!

These are my favourite places to visit in Valencia and each will be written about in more detail over the coming weeks :-)


  1. Nice city!!!... Para mi es una ciudad ideal para pasar un fin de semana porque al no ser demasiado grande casi todo lo interesante se puede ver en 1 ó 2 días caminando

    Good Post!!

    1. For me there's just something about Valencia that I really love. I'm pretty sure I'll make it back in 2014 :-)

  2. Nice to hear about your love for Valencia and running. I see you ran the maraton of Valencia. I live in Valencia and would love to run it once. This weekend I will run the half marathon in Madrid.
    Maybe I will see you one day running in the park Turia :)
    Saludos Fleur