Friday, 30 August 2013

Edinburgh Sightseeing with Adidas Boost

Adidas Boost Edinburgh Sightseeing!

With their well deserved medal!
This is a post that I have copied over from my other blog. I visited Edinburgh in April 2013 and loved it!

Over this weekend my Adistar Boosts packed their suitcase and went on a little trip to Edinburgh to run the Rock 'n' Roll Edinburgh half marathon and also do some sightseeing :-)

At the top of Arthurs Seat

On Edinburgh Castles Wall

At Dean Village

At Calton Hill

Ready to run!
They are great to wear walking around and they certainly did a lot of walking!


  1. I am so glad to see these pictures! So you climbed both Arthur's Seat and Calton Hill? Wow, you didn't waste any time ;) I wish I was there with you. I also finished this race in 02:07 last year. I couldn't have ran any faster. It was 1 degree Celsius and I couldn't move. I was sweating ice cubes. It never gets this cold in San Diego. 


    1. My next trip to Edinburgh is already planned and paid for! And I think I'm going back to do this run again next year :-)
  2. Hey get out of ARTHUR'S SEAT!

    I look forward to the RR! 8)



    1. He said I could sit there!

      RR done :-)

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